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Open Podium

Open podium for all – with Clowns YES!! Hope, Love, Dreams, Peace This virtual stage has one agenda: To be a fun, light, and poetic platform with clowns/performers presenting small acts for you, the […]

Get Tickets €5.00 – €10.00

Clown & Vocal Explosion – Gouda SOLD OUT

Clown & Vocal explosion SOLD OUTGouda, here I come! This weekend is all about going big!Even going big in being smallBig feelingsBig gesturesBig musical experiencesI love the expression "less is […]


Meeting with the Stars (people with dementia)

Clown and musicality From the website from Jan Dillen Very good and exiting news ! Patrick van den Boom will be back in Belgium leading a ‘5 star meeting for […]

Clown Retreat Italy 2024

Same same but different The clown is such an individual art form, I believe.What is your clowns' unique way of shining at its brightest?How free and open is your clown? […]