Circle Singing

Circle Singing

In 2015 Patrick joined a workshop in America from Bobby McFerrin. This opened up a new world again! Circle singing is a beautiful singing form, where a group of singers, placed in a circle ‘pass around’ a basic sound or tune, inspired by African, Latin, groove, traditional folk and jazz influences. The singers take turns improvising and make a new sound, song together. Circle Song provides singers with an ideal context in which to listen, share, and carry out an individual study of vocal improvisation.
It is possible to join or arrange a circle singing workshop with Patrick, with – or without clowning. Because these two worlds can also meet each other, in an exciting way. Just being busy with that it sounds, how it sounds is not so interesting.

80% of the world’s population have sometime in their lives been told that they can’t sing… Let’s sing that down to 0% in this workshop!! Let’s sing as if nobody is listening…

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During the year there will some dates (see calendar) for Circle Singing. If you are interested to organize a day yourself and ask Patrick as a singing leader; please take contact.


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