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Clown & Vocal Explosion – Netherlands

28 June @ 09:00 30 June @ 17:00 CEST

Wijk bij Duurstede, here I come!
This weekend is all about going big!
Even going big in being small
Big feelings
Big gestures
Big musical experiences

I love the expression “less is more ” and I know that when we want to do less, we need to know what more is.
To go all the way or sometimes over the top can give us so much freedom.
In a “lab- space”(my favorite work approach), experiments are so needed and I believe it is a great way of learning.
We will build vocal choirs and have several build-ups to real explosions of joy and include all senses. How very good that can taste and how hard to stop.
And then there is also an end to a song and a play. This is such a fine-tuning part of the art- daring to stop at ” the right moment”.

Sense where a play or song went and be brave to end before it is over. The effect can be stunning.
This experience can stay in our bodies for a long time.
And a taste for more.
Let’s go wild
Let’s be brave
Let’s go all the way
Let’s feel the fear and do it anyway
Looking forward to making this unforgettable with you all!

Patrick van den Boom
Clowning is in my bloodstream. It was a wish to be a clown since I two years old. Sometimes it is clear from the start! I am very happy that I managed to make my profession out of my passion. It means a lot to me and I see it as a luxurious position. After a period of theater and dance I decided at the end of the nineties to go to a Dutch Clown School. This was the start of a lot of clowning! I started clowning in hospitals, elderly homes and also became a teacher/trainer.
In 2009 I moved from the Netherlands to Norway. There I started working at the Sykehusklovnene (hospital clowns) in Oslo. And I have started up the new group for clowning in elderly houses in Norway; Klokkeklovnene. Here we clown for people in dementia care.
And the Dutch Clownschool I had in the Netherlands, became Clownschool International! Now I give training and workshops all around Europe. To be honest, I feel like a lucky bastard to inspire others. It makes me very happy.

Ticket – 330 Euro
For booking your place
Send @mal to claravandenboom@gmail.com