Customized training or workshop

As you can see on the website (calender and homepage), there are different kinds of training -and workshop during the year where you can participate. There is also the possibility for a customized training.

For instance different kind workshops for companies; workers communication, team building, manager motivation, finding ways to motivate your employees when there are many targets to reach.

Often courses are focused on becoming better. Looking at things that are not functioning or challenges in a team. We will have our focus on opening our eyes and learn to look at things in a different way. A very serious way: humor! When pleasure is back in all layers of a system, the problems seem to disappear or get a new perspective. Sometimes they become unimportant. Seeing who we really are is looking at the human being behind a role, a desk or a status.
Humor relieves tension and strengthens the solidarity in a team. Communication becomes the key to a stronger team. It is proven that laughter is healthy. It produces endorphin and makes work feel like ‘a big Yes!’ Humor is a promising method to use for better communication.

How can we integrate the authenticity of who we are and the sense of humor? We will look at effective ways for average working days.
Every group has, of course, its own needs because of the history of a company. What makes your company/team unique?
Most important ingredients are:
* Authenticity
* Mindfulness
* Having no plans
* Here and Now
* Wondering/imagination/fantasy
* Being bored
* Humor
* Listening
* Contact
* Non-verbal communication

Main goals are:
* Being who we are in the most comfortable way, with lots of laughter.
* Finding creative solutions. Looking at situations as a challenge, rather than as a problem.
* Looking at mistakes as presents/gifts for learning and growing.
* Team building
* We all feel more comfortable at places where there’s a lot of fun.
* When pressure decreases, stress relieves.
* Meeting each other in a new way.

There are often many patterns in working groups. Many are good and some might need some refreshment; for example seeing an expression on the face off your colleague… sometimes we can be surprised!


Want to know more about a training at you workplace, or you have a different idea for a customized training? Please take contact and we are happy to brainstorm together with you!