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Clown Retreat Italy 2024

18 May 25 May CEST

Same same but different

The clown is such an individual art form, I believe.
What is your clowns’ unique way of shining at its brightest?
How free and open is your clown?

Are you adjusting a lot to stay liked, and stay friends?
Or does your clown get permission from you to be autonomous and resilient?
In this new week, I want to take all of this under the magnifying glass, together with you.
I aim to support and inspire you with the theme “Same same but different”.
We will play with being as much as possible “the same” as each other. The furthest extreme would be in the play of identical twins.

And also as much as possible to the opposite end, being extremely different from the others, but still being able to collaborate and connect to the partner (s). How far can we go in that?
Something is fascinating me so strongly about the art of clowning.
I believe that it is only you yourself that can find out where you want to go with your clown.
I´m a fan of so-called self-teaching, by that I mean that my role is simply a facilitator, where we together use the “laboratory” to experiment in.
The week is filled with clowning in combination with vocal work.
Lots of work will happen outdoors in the great garden of La Luna.

When you put yourself on joining we will take contact with you.
Lots of interest for this event So be fast!

Max group size – 20 people

Price – €1000,-

For more information & booking e-mail – Claravandenboom@gmail.com

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