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Introduction Weekend

Clownschool International goes Nordic!! We have been dreaming about it for years to make this in the Nordic. We created a course that really dives deep into the art of clowning.What it can be used for? That is of course up to each individual.We will explore multiple approaches so each student will develop their […]

€192.00 – €240.00

Clown Congress

What I propose is a mini event where we find a way from our wild lost brains and our feelings to a state of being with our clown where there is a strong deep connection towards ourselves, withour clown partner and with each other. Some arrive here through the individual work, others through the deep […]

The striped clowns

Kjære publikum!For første gang i The Striped Clowns historie presenterer vi dagens meny!Menyen består av 3 retter, og inneholder forrett, hovedrett og dessert.For hver rett vil dere få tre alternativer, og det alternativet flest stemmer på, blir det dere får.Høres det greit ut?Bra!Da begynner vi! The striped clowns består av en gjeng med klovner/scenekunstnere som […]

Open Podium

Open podium for all – with Clowns YES!! Hope, Love, Dreams, Peace This virtual stage has one agenda: To be a fun, light, and poetic platform with clowns/performers presenting small acts for you, the stars; the audience! It has already become an interactive stage, and therefore, we invite you to keep your webcam on while watching clowns perform live from […]

€5.00 – €10.00