About the workshops & Facilitators

WorkshopOut of the (Beat) Box

This workshop is aimed at exploring the rhythm that exists inside each one and detecting cadences around us. We mostly explore beatbox and vocal percussion, learning different sounds of the vocal drum kit, and playing with improvisation in a musical and creative context. The focus is to have fun and learn new skills, while using our natural ability to produce sound with our body / vocal apparatus, being in the moment, and connecting with each other.

Bio – Rizumik is an award-winning artist, mostly known for his rhythmical and improvisational skills, using mainly beatbox, singing, percussion, dance, humor and character work. He has traveled the world performing and teaching, has worked with Cirque du Soleil (in Sonor and Viaggio), was the lead actor in The Voca People (Off-Broadway and international cast) and is also main faculty at Bobby McFerrin’s Circle Singing course at Omega Institute (since 2016). Rizumik won “Best Vocal Percussion” at the 2017 Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella competition, in NY; was the 2012 American Beatbox Champion, and won a Lucille Lortel Award with The Voca People, as well as the 2008 music prize Jovens Criadores, in Portugal. He has worked with many artists, musicians, choirs, schools and lab / improvisation groups, having collaborated with institutions like NYU, Carnegie Hall, University of Virginia or Beat Global, and also having been a speaker at the 2019 edition of TEDxLisbon.Performer

Musician | Facilitator

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Workshop Playing with the shadow

The person you think you are is just a part of your total being. When you stray too far from the person you are meant to be, a figure forms in your unconscious: your shadow. Perceiving the shadow is like looking into a mirror that shows us the recesses of our personal unconscious, and, therefore, accepting the shadow is accepting the “other selves” that live within us.

This workshop is an invitation to play with different aspects and characters that live inside us and find the humor hidden behind them.

What we will do in the workshop

  • Games and improvisations
  • Silhouette-based character building
  • Journaling and creation 
  • Stage work with your character
  • Work with elements 
  • Closing ritual

What to bring

  • Costumes you can wear and play during the sesion
  • Toys and elements that are meaningful for you or that you use in your daily life, 
  • Withe Papers, colors and pen
  • red nose if you have.

Bio – Talya Weinberg is an interdisciplinary artist. Actress, puppeteer, medical and social clown, cultural and social entrepreneur. Facilitator of change using Social technologies as Dragon Dreaming, Open space, World cafe, U theory and more. Creator of the Social Clown model “HeART Spaces”. Founder of  “HeART Spaces” international movement.

Born in Colombia, founder of the wandering theater Kismaya, based on education, ecology and art for early childhood. Talya works around the world as a social clown, intervening in vulnerable and conflict zones in Israel-palestine, Latin America and Europe.

Worked 6 years with Patch Adams and Bola Roja in a project that happens every year in Peru http://www.belenproject.org/

At the project in Peru, Talya was part of the pedagogic team, performing and delivering workshops in communities in distress. She works in various organizations in Israel and South America.

Workshop – Truth mandala and the work that reconnects

We will experience an introduction to The Work that Reconnects inspired in Joanna Maci’s work. I will focus on one of TWR most important aspects honoring our pain for the world. For that reason we will experience a Truth Mándala using Zoom. I will share how we have used it in our work with excombatants and their victims while accompanying The Truth Commission in Colombia.

In preparation for the workshop participants are invited to bring a candle, incense or sage, a rock, a piece of wood (like a strong branch of a tree), dry leaves and an empty container. 

Bio – Hector Aristizabal. Founder and Artistic Director Hector was born and raised in Medellín, Colombia when it was the most dangerous city in the world. One of his brothers was seduced by the power of crack cocaine and another by the promises of revolutionary armed struggle. Hector’s path was different. He worked his way out of poverty to become a theatre artist and pioneering psychologist with a Masters degree from Antioquia University, then survived civil war, arrest and torture at the hands of the US-supported military. In 1989, violence and death threats forced him to leave his homeland. In exile, Hector struggled to overcome his rage and desire for vengeance and to channel these energies instead into constructive social action. Since arriving in the US, he has won acclaim and awards as an artist and also received a second Masters degree, in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Oaks College, leading him to combine his training in psychology and the arts with lessons gained from life experience in his therapeutic work with torture and trauma survivors, incarcerated youth, immigrant families, and people affected by HIV/AIDS. As an activist, he uses theatrical performance as part of the movement to end torture and to change US policy in Latin America. He founded ImaginAction to help people tap the transformative power of theater in programs throughout the US, Latin America, Europe and around the world, as far afield as Afghanistan, India, and Palestine, for community building and reconciliation, strategizing, and individual healing and liberation.

Workshop This workshop is a journey into the healing and restorative power of and through the Mbira. A significant contributor to African wellness, soul care and deep human (ubuntu) connections. 

In this workshop participants will be introduced to ancient shona practise of meditative invocations, chantings, movements and the mystical mbira music of Southern Africa for healing, connection, relaxation and emotional release.

Tentative Workshop Outline:

(I) INTRODUCTION:  Mbira and the Ubuntu Circle of Life

(II) SESSION 1: Shona Invocations and Chantings. Exercise – Summoning and becoming aware of the spirit of Ubuntu [One Humanity Echo-Affirmations.

(III) SESSION 2: Movements and the Rhythm (Drums) of life

(IV) SESSION 3:  Mbira Meditation and  Experience

Bio –  aNgoni is a Zimbabwean creative and cultural curator. He is a Co-Founder of Tamba Africa, a creative and social arts initiative that uses African Storytelling, Culture and Social Circus tools to transfrom lives of people from marginalised communities. aNgoni has special interest in African mystical arts, rituals and philosophy for wellness, healing, ecology and community building.

Bio Simon T Mzungu is a mbira player , music composer and director. He is specialised in the Nyunga Nyunga mbira which is a type or mbira variation that originated from the Eastern Highlands in Zimbabwe. Currently he is the director of the Ignite Africa Youth Choir which explores songs from different african countries. Simon is the Coordinator of the Mbira Wellness Project of Tamba Africa.


The nature of life has equipped us with our animal bodies which have a very, very simple and very effective mechanism of reacting and relaxing in who we are and thus contacting the joys of life. And this mechanism is trembling, shaking, and free movement associated with the breath.

In our culture, we’ve trained our bodies not to officially shake. It has a bad connotation – you can shake with fear, with cold. And how to enjoy and vibrate it again, disturbing and weird. We have partially lost the ability to recalibrate our nervous systems. From an early age, we are repressed to stop behaving like crying children (this applies to both boys and girls). We are sabotaged with the consequences, if we do not stop our tantrums and shut up, we will be punished. As a result, we learn to repress our feelings

In Movement Medicine that Im bringing, the part of the practice is coming back to the feelings that are juice of our life – as the answer for the fight-flight-freeze.  We invite The Dancer in You – creative, sexual, sensual, spiritual body, take hold of your bones and shake you until you’re empty. And yes – if you’ve got a body, whatever state it’s in, there‘s a dancer in there waiting for your permission to remind you who you are. Add a little breath, a sprinkle of concentration, and before you know it, you can disappear in the dance (as are saying my teachers an creators of Movement Medicine @Yaacov & Susannah Darling Khan). This is the way of Dancing Art of bringing back the life force to our body – heart – soul connection.

I invite You to see this movie about shaking 😊 https://youtu.be/W2RyocnQtig

In this two hour session I will guide You though the process of

  • Awakening The Dancer,
  • Alchemy of unknow
  • and Integration.

We will work on individual intention. We will dance our Intention though emotional map of the body. Intention itself is power. Power in its nature is neutral. Our work is about how we use this power.  We came into the world with the knowledge of our purpose / gift – this is our compass in the Animal Body. The intention is to express the strength of  desire to connect with this power in us. Intention is an active expression of the life force.

Anna Sierpowska practitioner, student and teacher, I derive my energy and knowledge from many years of practicing and training deep conscious movement.  I am based in Warsaw, Poland and also work abroad. www.annasierpowska.com

MODALITY On this journey we will be working with the tools integrative body oriented psychotherapy and Movement Medicine – contemporary shamanic dance practice as key modalities.

For You safety

  • Prepare the space you can be in private and express your emotions if necessary.
  • Have headphones or speaker so you can enjoy the music.
  • Have something to write, access to water and blanket.
  • Also Im appreciating to have cameras on – as the core of this is meeting, inspiration and freedom in respect to all our condition.
  • This is a alcohol-free, drug-free and free from other consciousness-altering substances event – our dance, body and breath are the tools we use.

Workshop Clown retreat

A two hours retreat for you and your clown. In this mini workshop we will go to a very simple state (no mind) of being and landing in to peace. From there we move to slowly waking up, with as aim to largely celebrating life to its full extent. 

All focus is to get happy and blissful vibes. Let’s make your home a free playground! The fun fact is that you live in this home and you might get some great new memories and a playful “wash machine” for your room.  

A time to give to yourself and a fresh spring breeze for the free artist in you!

Former clown experience is not needed, open for all levels.  What is needed is a hat and a clowns nose, plus some space for you to move around.

Bio Patrick van den Boom – an Irish ☘️ Dutch living in Norway. It was a wish to be a clown since I was two years old. Sometimes it is clear from the start! I am very happy that I managed to make my profession out of my passion. It means a lot to me and I see it as a luxurious position. After a long period of theatre and dance education  I decided at the end of the nineties to go to the Dutch Clown School. After that I followed voice work education and several trainings (for example a training in New York with Bobby McFerrin and his team). Vocal play has always been a vital part of my work and teaching, just because I see it makes others and myself so happy. 

I work as a hospital clown (Sykehusklovnene). And in elderly care (Klokkeklovnene), here we clown for people in dementia care. Now I give trainings in clowning  and vocal play all around Europe.  www.internationalclownschool.com