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La vita bella clown week Italy 2023

31 March 7 April CEST

Diamonds & Dark Moons

A week for diving totally into this amazing art called clowning! Landing on this perfect location for
giving the senses a feast.
The art of clowning deserves time to mature and it is brilliant that we have a whole week. My way to
approach teaching is to see it as a laboratory so there is lots of room to experiment, to be a genius,
and at the same time to “celebrate” your “failures”. You will be invited /supported and challenged,
to take bold chances.

Want to be part of this week with a group of people from all over the world? A week filled with the
“simple” joy of the clown. This new venue offers all kinds of possibilities for inspiration and a nice
big studio. This place is a real paradise with even our own amphitheater where we of course will
have our “performances”. I love Clowning in nature-what about you?
We will sing! We will sing more than a lot! Singing new and known songs- put them in a new jacket
and be refreshed. We will go for “less is more”.
And to be able to do less, I believe we have to know what the whole symphony is. This “less is
more”-mode will unfold itself in duo and choir work. As a way to sense “what the whole symphony
is”, we will explore how big the orchestra/band can be inside each of us. All of this is in a very
playful way. The experience of impro singing is mind-blowing, it has the power to make us feel so
uplifted. I love the expression when it comes to singing:
“It is not about how it sounds, but to give it sound!”

A few words from my experiences of how my clown profession is impacting my life
When I’m totally in the clown state, it gives me such good spirit that spreads through my body and
makes me so alive. My clown then just wants to meet people/audience, and the outcome smoothly
becomes interaction. This state: going “all in” while supported with technical skills- this is the
perfect fusion. Therefore I simply just burn with such a big passion to share this through my teaching
to you.
Hoping to make your clown shine bright like a diamond!
The vibes from a real Mediterranean climate down in the south of Italy will wake up many senses
which might have been sleeping.
Are you also in a big need to come back to your core and fill up your heart with good positive
energy? And let’s not forget the amazing local food. What more can you want, right?

The prices are inclusive

  • Diamonds & Dark Moons retreat
  • Full pension (three meals)
  • Accommodation

Accommodation options

  • A shared room is €1000,- per person
  • A single room is €1100,- per person (There is only a limited amount of single rooms. (First come, first serve!)
  • Tent is €775,- per person (You have to bring your own tent and sleeping equipment!)

Want more information or book a place? Email: claravandenboom@gmail.com

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