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My clown & audience – Module 3 November 2019

November 24 - November 30

My Clown & audience
Is a 7 days clown training and is part 3 of a total training consisting of three different modules:
Module 1; Me & my clown

Module 2; My clown & my clown partner

Module 3; My clown & audience

In this third week; all 3 models come together; we need to have an independent clown -and experience with duo work . With this your clown is ready to shine and celebrate the ‘stage’ as an enjoyable place to play and be with audience!


This week will be based on; how does your clown build this relationship with the public

  • How to have your ‘own’ party and play totally open, so the audience is at all times included in your actions and appearance.
  • What should be included in your ‘contract’ with the audience?
  • Explore different type of audiences.
  • Some audience will be for real and some will be within role play.
  • How does it work; keeping in contact with the audience ?
  • How to restore contact with audience?
  • How does it work in relation with solo clowning, and with more clowns with you?
  • How to start -and end with audience? Stop at the top.
  • Play with authority audience who can be the director of your play; empowerment of the audience.


In different types of clowning (street clowning, healthcare clown, theater clown) you meet different kind of audience. In this week we will explore all kind of audience with a different state of being, for example:

  • Open or closed
  • Enthusiastic or skeptical
  • Happy, sad, angry etc.

There for we will practice how it works to make artistic choices as the actress / actor behind the nose: you always need to ‘read and scan’ the audience before your actions. How to keep the inner flame fun going no matter what?

This and much more will pass by in this week filled with frames and games to hopefully inspire and strengthen your clown as an interactive ‘performance’ clown.

Event Cost
6417 NOK (excl. 100 NOK transaction cost if you pay from outside Norway).
This does not include a sleeping place and meals.


November 24
November 30